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Baldwin Brass Ornaments

Baldwin Brass Ornament

Baldwin Brass Christmas Ornaments by ChemArt
You may think of door knobs when you hear the name of Baldwin and for that they are broadly known but their Christmas ornaments are things of beauty in their own right. Combining intricate brass cut outs and assemblages with fine porcelain they create some stunning effects.

Baldwin Brass ended its license agreement with Chem Art to have them produce their ornaments. Chem Art continues to produce the ornaments under their own name so that some ornaments that we have in stock wiill have the Baldwin name on the box and others with the new Chem Art name. The quality is unchanged as Chem Art is the maker of>
All Baldwin Brass and Chem-art Christmas Ornaments come beautifully packaged.

You may select from our menu to the left to find a Brass Ornament/ChemArt to grace your tree or to give as a gift.

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