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Baldwin Brass Chemart Snowflake Brass Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornaments with a snowflake design have always been popular and these brass ornaments made in different snowflake shapes are wonderful indeed. For you folks in the sunny south hang a snowflake ornament or two on your tree this year and marvel at the intricacies they portray.

Carnival Snowflake$38.00

Carnival Snowflake

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This charming snowflake is sure to shine on any Christmas tree Uniquely handcrafted ornament features a snowflake with yellow tone accents. Made in the USA of solid brass ornament with 24kt gold finish
Ornament is 2.5 inches.  

Everest Ice Flower$19.50

Everest Ice Flower

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Ornate Star 2010$32.00

Ornate Star 2010

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A beautiful dated star in an almost snowflake design with its lacy edges  

Shimmering Snowflake$24.00

Shimmering Snowflake

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A bright addition to your holiday decor.

Snowflake in Blue$18.50

Snowflake in Blue

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Larger photo shows this ornaments strong design with the blue semi transparent inlay set off by the brass outline and cut outs.
Some of the fine brass details may appear almost black but that is simply the shadow in the photo as the inner brass of the cut out areas is brass and reflective.  

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Shipping in the continental USA (contiguous 48 states) over $100.00 ship FREE

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